Healthy Grilling: A Dietician’s Menu

Healthy Grilling: A Dietician’s Menu

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again: Barbecue (more specifically grilling) is the ultimate health food. Grilling adds flavor through smoke and searing, while simultaneously melting out fat. Historically speaking, the discovery of cooking food with fire was mankind’s single greatest discovery and it gave us a competitive evolutionary edge that sustains us to […]

The History of Worcestershire Sauce

What’s the ingredient most frequently used in barbecue sauces? KETCHUP IS A NO BRAINER. But I’d put my money on a condiment that comes in a paper–wrapped bottle: Worcestershire sauce. (And according to Nielsen, it is one of the fastest growing sauces in sales dollars.) This thin, brown, sweet-sour condiment turns up in barbecue sauces of […]

4 Raichlen Ebooks for Less Than $2 Each

We have all experienced the thrill of thumbing through the pages of a well-worn cookbook and discovering a new recipe you haven’t tried before. The feel of the page between your fingers (and even the occasional smear of barbecue sauce!) greets you like an old friend each time you page through. There’s another way to […]

The Matter of Meat: Responsibly Raised Steak and Brisket

This post is brought to you by Nebraska Star Beef, which provided advertising support. As Steven has said time and time again, where your food comes from and how it was raised matters as much as how you grill it. Nebraska Star Beef shares this belief, and has tailored their business to follow this tenet. […]

New to BBQ: Grilling Tools You Should Check Out Now

We try to keep tabs on what is new in the world of grilling and BBQ, and bring you updates when we find new products hitting the market. Below you will see a list of new gadgets and tools that are worth a look. If you have suggestions for things to add, please get in […]

The Raichlen July 4th Menu

They get me when the first veterans march by. World War Two vets, white-haired but proud, followed by the men and women who served in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, and now Afghanistan and Iraq. Then comes a real Fife and Drum Corps in Revolutionary War garb, their snare drums rattling you to attention. It’s the […]

Tips from BBQ Bootcamp Part 2

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: the time when we shed our scarves, break out the patio furniture, and gear up for some glorious summer grilling. If you’ve been avoiding your grill since the first signs of winter, or simply need a brush-up on your technique, below is Part 2 of my favorite grilling tips […]

Enhance Your Barbecue Library

The introductions to recipes featured on Project Smoke, Season 3 were filmed in my office in Miami. In the background is a portion of my embarrassingly large collection of cookbooks and culinary references, proving I am an incorrigible bibliophile. Each spring, there is more temptation to add to my library of grilling, smoking, and barbecue books. […]

Like It Hot—Grill It Hot

As the summer kicks into high gear and temperatures soar, the best way to beat the heat is . . . to join it. Fiery foods make you sweat, and perspiration is the body’s natural cooling mechanism. Fiery foods are enjoyed in hundreds of the world’s top food cultures. Indeed, people in some of the […]

Make Shun Cutlery Part of Your BBQ Arsenal

This post is brought to you by Shun Cutlery, which provided advertising support. If you’ve ever prepared our Slam Dunk Brisket, you know what it really takes to prepare this relatively simple recipe: the right tools and the patience to wait during a long, slow cooking period over low heat. With hours invested in preparation, the […]

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